actctx.c:824: wrong_manifest1
actctx.c:826: wrong_manifest2
actctx.c:828: wrong_manifest3
actctx.c:830: wrong_manifest4
actctx.c:832: wrong_manifest5
actctx.c:834: wrong_manifest6
actctx.c:836: wrong_manifest7
actctx.c:838: wrong_manifest8
actctx.c:840: UTF-16 manifest1 without BOM
actctx.c:842: manifest2
actctx.c:844: manifest2+depmanifest1
actctx.c:1779: default actctx
actctx.c:1802: manifest1
actctx.c:1828: manifest2 depmanifest1
actctx.c:1847: manifest2 depmanifest2
actctx.c:1871: manifest2 depmanifest3
actctx.c:1902: manifest3
actctx.c:1958: manifest4
actctx.c:1977: manifest1 in subdir
actctx.c:2001: UTF-16 manifest1, with BOM
actctx.c:2017: UTF-16 manifest1, reverse endian, with BOM
actctx.c:1759: Tests skipped: allowDelayedBinding attribute is not supported.
actctx.c:2044: child process manifest1
actctx: 51 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 0 failures), 0 skipped.
actctx: 1615 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 0 failures), 1 skipped.